Linguistics Teaching Assistant Evaluation Spring 2022, Tatsuya Aoyama
12 responses
What course are you taking this survey for?12 responses
LING 001-03 Introduction toLanguage100%LING 001-03 Introduction to Language12 (100%)
LING 001-03 Introduction to Language12
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LING 001-03 Introduction to Language
Select your TA12 responses
Tatsuya Aoyama100%
Tatsuya Aoyama12
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Optional: For over/under courses: are you an undergraduate student or graduate student?
1. How available and willing is the TA in advising and assisting students outside of class?12 responses
Extremely available, above andbeyondVery availableAvailable when required/requestedNot very available25%75%
Extremely available, above and beyond9
Very available3
Available when required/requested0
Not very available0
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2. How helpful was the TA in answering questions?12 responses
Extremely helpful, above andbeyondVery helpfulHelpful when required/requestedNot very helpful8.3%91.7%
Extremely helpful, above and beyond11
Very helpful1
Helpful when required/requested0
Not very helpful0
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3. How knowledgeable was the TA in the material for the class?12 responses
Extremely knowledgeableVery knowledgeableModerately knowledgeable, notas comfortable with materialNot very knowledgeable100%
Extremely knowledgeable12
Very knowledgeable0
Moderately knowledgeable, not as comfortable with material0
Not very knowledgeable0
No responses yet for this question.
4. How useful were the TA recitation/discussion sections?12 responses
Extremely usefulVery usefulModerately usefulNot very useful25%75%
Extremely useful9
Very useful3
Moderately useful0
Not very useful0
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5. How competent in the subject matter was the TA guest lecture?12 responses
Extremely competentVery competentModerately competentNot very competent16.7%83.3%
Extremely competent10
Very competent2
Moderately competent0
Not very competent0
No responses yet for this question.
6. How able were the TA communication skills in the guest lecture?12 responses
Extremely ableVery ableModerately ableNot very able16.7%83.3%
Extremely able10
Very able2
Moderately able0
Not very able0
No responses yet for this question.
7. How fair was the TA in grading the homework, exams?12 responses
Extremely fairVery fairModerately fairNot very fair16.7%83.3%
Extremely fair10
Very fair2
Moderately fair0
Not very fair0
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8. How helpful were the comments by the TA on papers and homework assignments?12 responses
Extremely helpfulVery helpfulModerately helpfulNot very helpful25%75%
Extremely helpful9
Very helpful3
Moderately helpful0
Not very helpful0
No responses yet for this question.
9. How valuable was the TA’s addition to the class?12 responses
Extremely valuableVery valuableModerately valuableNot very valuable100%
Extremely valuable12
Very valuable0
Moderately valuable0
Not very valuable0
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11. What is your overall evaluation of the TA?12 responses
Extremely positiveVery positivePositiveNeutralNegative100%
Extremely positive12
Very positive0
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Short Response Questions
Please comment on what your TA did best as an instructor.8 responses
Availability, knowledge of the course material, teaching skills
Tatsuya was very good at supporting professor Montee in areas which she did not professionally specialize, lending a great deal of breadth to our class’s coverage.
Clarifying questions/concepts
Your explanations of difficult topics was very clear and concise. It was clear that you were very knowledgable about the course material and could always provide relevant and useful examples when students asked for them in class. Also, for the previous page about TA guest lecturing and recitation/discussion, I just put "very" because there was no N/A option. But I think you would have done great in these, too!
Very willing to help students with confusing concepts and did an excellent job of explaining those concepts
Tatsuya was very good at providing a clear angle on difficult topics we learned about in class which was very helpful in the lectures.
He cleared up difficult concepts during class - his explanations were very clear and thorough.
Tatsuya made himself consistently available and was very clear and helpful when answering students' questions.
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Please comment on the areas in which you think the TA could improve their teaching.4 responses
I cannot think of any, he was terrific all year.
I don't really know
Honestly, I don't think there is much you have to improve on. It might have been nice to hear a guest lecture from you or Jessica, or a little bit more into what you guys study now, but your teaching was very good.
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Specify suggestions that would help your TA improve their teaching skills. 6 responses
By giving tricks to help remember what the material is. Like coming up with mnemonics
I think being a little more assertive would help — Tatsuya’s additions were incredibly helpful and deserved to be heard more often.
I'm really not sure. Maybe offering another office hours slot? But this is a very small thing.
I think your teaching skills are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing!
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