Linguistics Teaching Assistant Evaluation Fall 2021- Tatsuya Aoyama
9 responses
What course are you taking this survey for?9 responses
(LING 001-01 Introduction toLanguage)100%
(LING 001-01 Introduction to Language)9
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LING 001-02 Introduction to Language
Select your TA9 responses
Tatsuya Aoyama100%
Tatsuya Aoyama9
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Optional: For over/under courses: are you an undergraduate student or graduate student?
1. How available and willing is the TA in advising and assisting students outside of class?9 responses
Extremely available, above andbeyondVery availableAvailable when required/requestedNot very available22.2%77.8%
Extremely available, above and beyond7
Very available2
Available when required/requested0
Not very available0
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2. How helpful was the TA in answering questions?9 responses
Extremely helpful, above andbeyondVery helpfulHelpful when required/requestedNot very helpful11.1%88.9%
Extremely helpful, above and beyond8
Very helpful1
Helpful when required/requested0
Not very helpful0
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3. How knowledgeable was the TA in the material for the class?9 responses
Extremely knowledgeableVery knowledgeableModerately knowledgeable, notas comfortable with materialNot very knowledgeable22.2%77.8%
Extremely knowledgeable7
Very knowledgeable2
Moderately knowledgeable, not as comfortable with material0
Not very knowledgeable0
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4. How useful were the TA recitation/discussion sections?9 responses
Extremely usefulVery usefulModerately usefulNot very useful11.1%88.9%
Extremely useful8
Very useful1
Moderately useful0
Not very useful0
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5. How competent in the subject matter was the TA guest lecture?9 responses
Extremely competentVery competentModerately competentNot very competent11.1%88.9%
Extremely competent8
Very competent0
Moderately competent1
Not very competent0
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6. How able were the TA communication skills in the guest lecture?9 responses
Extremely ableVery ableModerately ableNot very able11.1%11.1%77.8%
Extremely able7
Very able1
Moderately able1
Not very able0
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7. How fair was the TA in grading the homework, exams?9 responses
Extremely fairVery fairModerately fairNot very fair22.2%77.8%
Extremely fair7
Very fair2
Moderately fair0
Not very fair0
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8. How helpful were the comments by the TA on papers and homework assignments?9 responses
Extremely helpfulVery helpfulModerately helpfulNot very helpful33.3%66.7%
Extremely helpful6
Very helpful3
Moderately helpful0
Not very helpful0
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9. How valuable was the TA’s addition to the class?9 responses
Extremely valuableVery valuableModerately valuableNot very valuable100%
Extremely valuable9
Very valuable0
Moderately valuable0
Not very valuable0
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11. What is your overall evaluation of the TA?9 responses
Extremely positiveVery positivePositiveNeutralNegative11.1%88.9%
Extremely positive8
Very positive1
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Short Response Questions
Please comment on what your TA did best as an instructor.8 responses
Tatsuya did a great job at making the content easy to understand and fun to learn. His passion for linguistics was always evident in his lectures, and I genuinely enjoyed learning from him. Additionally, he is very knowledgable, which was also very evident each time he taught. If I did not know better, I would have thought he was an experienced professor. I learned so much from Tatsuya!
Syntax was good. When you went up to the board and explained why different NPs and VPs and stuff go in different places in the syntax tree, it started to make sense.
Thorough explainations
He was always so sweet and encouraging and open to questions
Feedback on homework and being able to explain the concepts well in class if anyone was ever confused. But also not just outright giving us the answers, made us have to critically think as well
He was very available after class and I always learned something new after talking with him.
Was always willing to explain the same concepts multiple times if students were having trouble. Very patient
He really made sure we understood, often taking extra time to review the underlying principles of a subject even after the initial question had already been answered.
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Please comment on the areas in which you think the TA could improve their teaching.6 responses
The only thing I can think of to comment on is that the grading can occasionally be harsh.
Morphology was kind of a nightmare. I remember that one day we were looking at the word "dehumidifier" and trying to understand why some affixes came "before" other affixes and you said it's because "humidifier" isn't a word but it is, and that just made it all the more confusing.
Nothing.Tatsuya and Alex are national treasures and I will miss them dearly.
He often rushed, I think he could better pace himself or just accept that we couldn't cover everything he would have liked to cover in those 50min so he can take the time to explain the slides and examples instead rather than gloss over them to finish everything. Also confidence, you seemed nervous at times but you're doing great!
Nothing you're doing great :)
Nothing comes to mind!
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Specify suggestions that would help your TA improve their teaching skills. 4 responses
Keep doing everything you did this semester! The whole class loved you, Tatsuya! Thanks again.
Maybe look at the slides beforehand and have a better way of explaining why different morphological affixes get added "first", "second", "third"? "Humidifier" and "dehumidify" are both valid words, so this cannot be the explanation for "de-" being added before "-er."
None, he did a great job. We loved having you Tatsuya! :)
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